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Slow cured, hand trimmed, never remediated.

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Featured Strains

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How we roll

Owner / Operator

The same guys who started this family owned farm are the same guys coming in on the weekend watering plants and pulling leaves. Spoiler alert, we aren’t in it for the money, we’re in it for the passion.

Unique Cultivars

We’ve partnered with some heavy hitters and have spent years hunting the best strains. We are dedicated to growing these strains to their full potential, testing for terpenes in every batch.

A Clean Smoke

We don’t decontaminate or remediate our flower because we don’t have to. Our dedication to growing in small batches and strict adherence to cleanliness produces a clean, therapeutic smoke you can trust and enjoy every time.

Find us all over Michigan

We partner with provisionary centers who care as much about terpenes, cannibinoids, and cleanliness as we do.