Our flower isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. We understand it might cost too much for some people, that’s because it costs more for us to grow it the way we do. We are a small scale, class B medical and class C recreational grower in Michigan only. We are passionate about growing weed to its full potential to develop the best flavor and medical profile possible.

  • We leave our flower on the plant up to 20 days more than a large scale commercial grower
  • We slow cure each batch for nearly a full month
  • We hand trim every bud to preserve trichomes
  • Pre-pack jars contain hand selected, best-of-the-best buds only
  • We never decontaminate or remediate, with our dedication to cleanliness we don’t have to

If this sounds like something you are interested in carrying in your provisioning center, we would love to talk. Drop us an email to sign up for our weekly vendor email with current menu and featured strains.

Dennis is our sales guy:

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