Michigan Loud Flower Farms LLC was started in 2018. Licensed first as a class B medical marijuana grow facility, we are also now licensed as a recreational class C grower.

Loud Flower grew from the desire to grow exceptional cannabis that can be shared with friends and family. Artisanal, medical grade, clean, flavorful cannabis that you will love to smoke and trust to share with others in your life.

Our Process

We’ve partnered with some heavy hitters to develop our own custom cultivars and are dedicated to growing these strains to their full potential, testing for terpenes in every batch.

  • We leave our flower on the plant up to 20 days more than a large scale commercial grower
  • We slow cure each batch for nearly a full month
  • We hand trim every bud to preserve trichomes
  • Pre-pack jars contain hand selected, best-of-the-best buds only
  • We never decontaminate or remediate, with our dedication to cleanliness we don’t have to